Men in Plaid: The Kilowatt Connection


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Grades K-6

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25 Minutes

Show Synopsis
The Men In Plaid (MIP for short) investigate aliens, monsters and other wierdos who waste energy on Planet Earth. Agents Skuller and Moldy are given a mission to stop the biggest energy waster our world has ever known. Unfortunately, they don’t know who is behind the energy shortage. What’s worse: Moldy dances off on an assignment of his own, leaving Agent Skuller with no idea how to complete her mission. Her only clue is the word “Ooot.” Can she figure out what it means? And even if she does, will it help her find whomever, or whatever, is wasting all the energy?  Watch and find out!

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  • How electricity and energy are made
  • Uses of Energy
  • Ways energy is wasted
  • How to conserve energy


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