Showdown at Conservation Canyon

Energy Conservation

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Grades K - 6

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25 Minutes

Show Synopsis
Our story opens in Dodge Ball City, where Sheriff Carrie Gooper is faced with a problem. The notorious Ron of the Cons has challenged Sheriff Gooper to a showdown at high noon! But that’s not all – it seems people are wasting energy all over town as well!

Eager to change the city from their wasting ways, Carrie enlists the help of her friends to get to the bottom of this dilemma and to help back her up at the showdown. They inform her about the uses of energy and how electricity and energy are made. However, everyone is too afraid of Ron of The Consso Carrie takes it upon herself to meet Ron alone.

After a nerve-racking introduction, Ron informs Carrie that conserving energy is important and that all he wanted to do was help her change the town’s wasting habbits. After helping Carrie learn about ways we can conserve energy, Ron appoints Carrie as an official deputy and peace and order are restored in Dodge Ball City.

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  • How electricity and energy are made
  • The uses of energy
  • Ways energy is wasted
  • How to conserve energy


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