The Conservation Crew

Energy Conservation

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Grades 6-9

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40 Minutes

Show Synopsis

The Conservation Crew is a 40 minute, live show for grades six through nine. The program consists of two actors with two goals: The first goal is to highlight what energy is, the uses of energy, how energy is wasted and how to conserve energy. The second goal is to make your middle school students laugh so hard that they forget they’re learning.

The show is a series of improvised comedy sketches between characters in all sorts of hilarious situations, like a poorly managed Italian restaurant, the exploration of a new planet, and more. Before each scene, actors interact with the audience and get ideas that will be used during the sketch, such as their favorite band or a household pet. The idea is incorporated into the show and may change the course of a scene.

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  • What is energy
  • The uses of energy
  • How energy is wasted
  • What YOU can do to conserve energy


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